Our heritage

Discover how 40 years of history has lead to the Rubik's Cube to

become one of the best selling toys.

Our Founding

Ernõ Rubik, a professor from Budapest In Hungary, wanted to help his students understand three-dimensional problems.His solution? The Rubik’s Cube! Ernõ creates the first working prototype of the cube in 1974.


Erno Rubik develops a movable art piece for his students in architecture. Ernố’s prototype Cube did things that the world hadn’t seen before. It twisted and turned and yet it didn’t break. Adding 54 colorful stickers to the six sides gave the puzzle its iconic look. When Ernố Rubik built his first Cube, it took him over a month to solve it. At the time, he didn’t know that his “Magic Cube” – “Buvos Kocka” in Hungarian – would take the world by storm.


Erno Rubik patents

the ‘Magic Cube’ as a



The ‘Magic Cube’ is manufactured in small batches and became more and more popular in Hungary during the late 1970s. Ernố Rubik realized the potential of his invention. But – in communist Hungary in the 1970s, imports and exports were tightly controlled. The answer? International Toy Fairs!


The “Magic Cube” was demonstrated at a variety of international toy fairs, including London, Paris and New York. In September 1979, the puzzle was spotted in Nuremberg by toy specialist Tom Kremer, who could immediately see the power and potential of the Cube. Tom Kremer’s vision was to commercialize the Cube and sell it to the world; he negotiates and signs a worldwide distribution license.


Tom Kremer’s passion and belief in the Cube convinced the Ideal Toy Company to distribute the “Magic Cube.” They wanted one important change… a new name! The newly-named Rubik’s Cube’s global launch took place in 1980 and the rest is history. The newer Cubes were half the weight of the earlier models making solve times much faster.


Sales of the Rubik’s Cubes in 1980 initially started off as modest, but started to grow once the Ideal Toy Company launched a television advertising campaign.


The Rubik’s Cube becomes a worldwide craze and hits millions of sales. During this time the Cube became notorious for being unsolvable. A 12 year old boy, Patrick Bossert, releases a book, ‘You Can Do the Cube’, which goes on to sell more than 1.5 million copies.


• Rubik’s holds the first World Championship in 1982 in Budapest, Hungary on 5th June. Minh Thai (USA) was the inaugural winner with the result of 22.95 seconds.

• Museum of Modern Art in NYC selects Rubik’s Cube for its permanent collection.


Rubik’s launches a new puzzle called ‘The Snake’, which sells several million units worldwide.


Rubik’s launches another new puzzle called ‘Magic’, which sells over 14 million units worldwide.


Ernố Rubik is named President of the Hungarian Engineering Academy.


Homer Simpson plays with the Cube – the first of six Simpson appearances.


The Rubik’s Cube

relaunches in major



Diamond Cutters International create the 'Masterpiece Cube' for 15th birthday of the cube


Rubik’s Cube is featured in Armageddon film and “Viva Forever” Spice Girls video.


Being John Malkovich features the Rubik’s Cube.


Rubik’s featured in

Dude, Where’s My



Disney Pop Century Resort opens featuring Rubik’s Cube.


Rubik's Cube celebrates it's 25th anniversary in a special edition pack

Street artist “Space Invader” exhibition on “Rubik Cubism” runs in USA.


In Pursuit of Happyness, Will Smith solves the Cube and gets the job!


Ernő Rubik awards prizes at the World Championship in Budapest

The Big Bang Theory features the Cube.

Rubik's Revolution, an electronic product, releases.

Rubik’s Cube featured in Disney’s Wall-E.


In response to teachers requests for affordable Rubik’s Cube classroom resources and as a nod to the iconic cubes educational heritage, You Can Do the Rubik’s Cube, an educational community outreach program launched in the USA providing thousands of teachers and students with all the resources needed to incorporate learning to solve the cube into curriculum, use the Rubik’s Cube as a math manipulative and to teach 21st Century Skills

The Rubik’s Revolution electronic game continues its second year of record sales.


Groovik’s Cube 40’ Statue is featured at Burning Man USA.

New world record set by Breandan Valance (UK) in Dusseldorf with an average time of 10.74 seconds


USA Science and Engineering Festival Award received for Outstanding Contribution to Science Education.

You Can Do the Rubik’sCube Program introduces Rubik’s Cube Competitions for students in grades k-12 and Rubik’s Cube Mosaic building resources.


Full distribution of multi-product range in over 30 countries.

New World Record set by Michal Pleskowicz (Poland) in Bangkok with an average time of 8.65 seconds.


World record of mass solving – 1414 different people at O2 London!


Faster Action No Sticker Cube launches.

Global 3D Interactive Google Doodle.


 Celebrates 40th Anniversary of the invention of the Cube and the Rubik’s Cube is inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame.

First ever dedicated Rubik’s Cube Museum Exhibition – Beyond Rubik’s Cube – opens in Jersey City, NJ and begins 7-year World Tour.

Empire State Building is lit up in Rubik’s Colors.


 World record fastest single solve, 4.9 seconds by Lucas Etter.

Rubik’s Cube is featured in a huge nationwide Tesco loyalty promotion in 200 Hungarian stores.

Rubik’s Cube featured in



 Rubik’s signs master license with The Smiley Company.

The Rubik’s Cube and The You Can Do the Rubik’s Cube Program are STEM Accredited.


 The best brains at Rubik's and GAN collaborate to create the Rubik's Speedcube

Rubik’s Brand enjoys a record year with retail sales reaching $250 million.

McDonald’s launches a multi-territory Rubik’s Cube Happy Meal Promotion.


Feliks Zemdegs (Australia) sets new single solve record of 4.22 seconds.

Within USA, You Can Do the Rubik’s Cube Program places Cubes into the hands of 800K students, helping them learn critical STEM/STEAM concepts and 21st Century Skills and the program expands into Canada.

Rubik’s Cube collaborates with Red Bull on the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championship with the award being bragging rights, a $30,000 prize purse and Super Bowl style-Rings created by Diamond Cutters International.